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LSR Associates, Inc. provides organizations with customized multilingual language translation and localization solutions.

We help organizations, businesses, non-profits and government agencies create globally ready multilingual products, services and business solutions. We significantly improve our clients' communication with their consumer base where the target market has limited English proficiency or are non-native English speakers.

We enhance our clients' business by ensuring that translations are not only accurate but also culturally and contextually sensitive for communicating with business prospects, employees, consumers, constituents, partners and distributors both in the US and around the world.

We measure the success of our services by:
  • Providing the highest quality multilingual business solutions at a competitive price
  • Our clients' business growth and long term success
  • The number of new referrals from satisfied customers
  • The repeat business generated from existing clients
To support our clients' presence in the global markets of their choice, by providing them with the advantage of quality communication solutions in multiple languages in all media forms, while simultaneously working with them to manage costs and timeline.

To inspire confidence in our clients so that our translation and localization expertise become an integral component of their product development life cycle, and marketing efforts.
For more information or for a free quote estimate, please contact us.

Lalitha Ramakrishnan, CEO

Email: info@LSRAssociates.com
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