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We take a long term partnership approach. We strive to build high trust and a high credibility relationship with prospective clients. We meet and consult with them at length to ensure that we understand their business environment, critical business drivers, and current high priority business initiatives.

We determine the importance and role of global communication, localization and translation in their business plan. We develop a customized process plan and manage the implementation of the solutions based on our clients' budget, timeline and strategic goals. Throughout the project we remain in regular contact with the client, and we plan and align our resources with their short and long term business goals and strategy.

We understand that factors, including cost, timing, business opportunity and legal requirements, can drive the decision to translate. We take the time to ensure that our clients make the right translation decision for their particular business model.

LSR Associates, Inc. has two service models:
  • Small, quick turnaround projects, (15 pages to 50 pages), such as legal documents, patient forms, investor reports, consumer product descriptions, PowerPoint presentations, marketing communications documents and employee benefits packages

  • Large, long term mission critical projects that are technically complex, requiring specialized software, tools and technology and ongoing updates, such as enterprise software applications, complex websites and high volume technical documentation
Home | Our Solutions | Our Mission | Clients | About | Work with us | Contact us | Useful Links

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